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5 injuries that impact motorcyclists after traffic crashes

There are many kinds of injuries that people suffer in collisions, but as a motorcyclist, you have fewer protections and a higher risk of several serious complications. Head injuries, back injuries and others impact you immediately and for the foreseeable future. Here are five common injury types that may result in your needing long-term medical care or assistance.

No-fault insurance: 3 things you need to know now

After a collision, it's normal to want to see the negligent driver pay for his or her actions. Michigan adopted a no-fault insurance system in 1973 to make sure you get the medical care and benefits you need without costly legal or administrative costs. That doesn't mean you can't take some drivers to court, though.

3 ways you can avoid a life-altering crash this winter

Michigan gets lots of snow and ice every winter, and with snowfall comes danger. Not all drivers have good winter driving skills, and as a new driver, you may be concerned about the risk of driving in these conditions. Here are a few tips for how you can avoid a winter crash by preparing for your drive.

Michigan motorcyclists learning that freedoms are often costly

If you are a motorcyclist in Michigan, unless you've been living far off the grid in the U.P. for a couple of years, you have heard by now that the state has modified its law requiring riders and passengers to wear helmets. While this may certainly be seen as a win for motorcyclists' rights, it is not one that is without its share of risks.

Report finds teen car crash deaths "spiked" in 2015

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), a nonprofit group that represents the highway safety offices of states throughout the country, recently released data from a report that was designed to study fatal crash rates.

Should cellphone providers be liable for distracted driving crashes?

If you had the power to save lives, would you use it? What if this power came with a price, if using this power could potentially result in lost revenue? This is the question many cellphone companies are being forced to answer as new technology is present that could keep drivers from using their cellphones while driving.

U-M study: Fatalities double for motorcyclists without helmets

While the purpose of traffic laws is to keep people on the roads safe, many of these laws receive a significant amount of opposition. For example, many motorcyclists in Michigan argue against a mandatory helmet law. In response to this opposition, Michigan repealed its universal helmet law several years ago. 

Catastrophic car accidents can be tragic for entire families

Driving an automobile is a task we perform on a daily basis without really putting much thought into it. The reality that we are behind the wheel of a piece of machinery weighing thousands of pounds and traveling at high rates of speed becomes almost an afterthought. While we consider ourselves good, safe drivers, we cannot control the actions of other motorists or pedestrians. And a single unplanned, tragic moment can change our lives forever. 

Detroit named the most dangerous city for drivers

According to a study of 200 U.S. cities, Detroit is the most dangerous city for drivers. Detroit ranked second in motor vehicle accident fatalities with 16.2 fatal accidents per 100,000 residents. Additionally, Detroit is one of the least safe cities when it comes to stolen vehicles and break-ins.

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