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Why your gym might be liable for your injury

Working out in a gym always comes with risks, especially when you are pushing your body to the max. But when an injury occurs that you believe was beyond your control, you might wonder if it's possible to blame the gym for the painful consequences that occurred.

Making car insurance claims in Michigan

Michigan is unique when it comes to the rules that they have in relation to their car insurance. It is a no-fault insurance state, which means that each party is automatically entitled to damages from their own insurance companies.

Beware of spinal cord injuries after a car accident

Spinal cord injuries are among the most serious potential repercussions after a car crash. These injuries can result in a major life impacts. People who face this type of situation might be able to make a claim under Michigan's no-fault insurance system, which currently provides uncapped medical care costs for people who have catastrophic injuries.

Symptoms that you may have suffered a brain inury

We've heard a lot about the debilitating effects of brain injuries over the last several years, particularly with regard to professional athletes. However, much more common than getting a brain injury in a football tackle, is getting a brain injury that results from a car accident.

Michigan law lets you choose whether to wear a helmet or not

In a move that many saw as upholding personal rights, the state of Michigan changed a long-standing law regarding motorcycle helmets in 2012. For decades, Michigan law required the use of Department of Transportation approved helmets by those driving motorcycles and mopeds on public roads. Lawmakers choose to repeal that law in 2012, allowing for some bikers to eschew helmets on the road.

Refresh your winter weather driving skills before heading out

The roads in Michigan are sometimes difficult to navigate, even when the weather is nice. If you add in snow or sleet, you might find that you are facing some very serious challenges. Still, all drivers on the road must ensure they are driving safely so that everyone can make it home at the end of the day.

Winter road conditions increase the potential for a crash

Any time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, there is some degree of risk involved. Certain factors can contribute to that risk, increasing the potential for a collision and serious injuries or death. For people who live in Michigan, particularly the Upper Peninsula, the powerful winter weather can be a major factor that contributes to risk in a vehicle.

A brain injury impacts the entire family

A brain injury isn't just an issue for the person who suffers it. The entire family is impacted, and numerous lives can change forever. This creates a multitude of realistic life changes, financial challenges, emotional hurdles and much more.

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