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What are some of the more common reasons motorcyclists are hit?

It's not uncommon for parents, spouses and others to feel some apprehension when their loved ones express an interest in operating a motorcycle. One of the reasons why they often feel this way is because they've likely heard about catastrophic crashes that resulted in motorcyclists' injuries or death. Family members don't want their loved ones to face the same fate. Motorbike riders can benefit from knowing what types of accidents are more common so that they can take preventative measures to avoid them.

What's to blame for log truck crashes?

In 2019, the International Journal of Forest Engineering published a study analyzing fatal log truck crashes between 2011 and 2015. The researchers working on the study obtained the crash data for the 383 log truck accidents during this period from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, a U.S.-government funded accident database. The data that the researchers uncovered is staggering.

What do Michigan's dram shop laws allow you to do?

Dram shop laws exist to hold bars, liquor stores and restaurants potentially liable for injuries and deaths caused by the alcohol that they sell or serve. Thirty states have these laws on the books. In 22 of those states, a business becomes liable for their actions if they serve or sell intoxicated person alcohol and a vehicular accident subsequently takes place.

Who's likely to develop compartment syndrome?

Compartment syndrome occurs when muscle compartments of the leg or arms have increased pressure. This type of situation generally results from an injury such as a fracture of some sort. Bleeding within the muscle can occur, which can cause increased blood pressure. An individual may develop nerve damage due to a decrease in blood supply, depending on the amount of stress that their different body parts may have to endure.

How to protect yourself when walking in a parking lot

You don't think much of it, but you probably walk through parking lots almost every day of your life. This happens after you park your car at work in the morning (and when you leave). It also happens when you visit the grocery store or shopping mall. And that's just the start.

What are common injuries that a child suffers in car crashes?

Car crashes impact children and adults in different ways. Kids often get hurt in different and often more severe ways than their elders. Back, chest, organ or head injuries and concussions are the most common ailments that children suffer in crashes.

What dangers do motorcyclists face on the road?

Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that at least 80% of motorcycle crashes result in someone either getting hurt or killed. That same data reveals that motorcyclists often end up being ejected in these types of crashes. Motorbike riders face many other dangers, though.

Abuse and neglect can occur at assisted living facilities

People typically associate abuse and neglect of seniors with nursing homes rather than assisted living facilities. After all, people in assisted living are typically healthier and more self-reliant than those in nursing homes. They often have their own apartments and can be just about as independent as those living on their own. With our senior population growing and people living longer, the U.S. has nearly twice as many assisted living facilities as nursing homes.

Prepare for summer driving in Michigan to avoid accident injuries

Most of us living and working in Rochester are usually glad to welcome summertime weather. Most of the time, warmer weather makes driving much easier. The roads are clear of ice and snow, which should mean safer motoring, but it is still important to practice caution when driving.

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