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Why has Michigan kept no-fault auto insurance?

In 1973, Michigan started its no-fault auto insurance system. The idea behind the system was to lower the costs for consumers and to get doctors their payments faster. This was because victims of accidents didn't need to file a lawsuit against the other driver in order to get compensation for injuries. With no-fault insurance, drivers would simply use their own insurance company to submit claims, no matter who was at fault in the accident.

Seeking help with filing a no fault insurance claim

Not many people who move to the state of Michigan realize that it is a no fault insurance state when it comes to automotive insurance. This means that the coverage is broad, extending to everyone in your household. It will pay for your medical expenses for your life and up to 85 percent of your salary for no more than three years.

How to handle insurance disputes for car accidents

Car accidents can be incredibly stressful, even the most minor ones. When you add in the fact that your vehicle has been totaled or you have been injured significantly, the stress level can go through the roof. Car accidents are so difficult to deal with because of the insurance companies, which want to payout as little money as possible. Here's how you can handle auto insurance disputes in Michigan.

All about no-fault car insurance

No-fault car insurance can be a controversial topic and has been in the state of Michigan. It is a type of insurance that helps those who have it reduce the chances of heading to litigation or reducing potential litigation costs. This insurance pays personal injury claims promptly most of the time includes personal injury protection (PIP). It helps to pay the medical care of each insured person after an accident.

Legislature discussing no fault insurance in Michigan

The Michigan legislature is once again discussing no fault insurance. The discussion is centered around reforms to no fault insurance in the automotive industry. Outside of the state budget, the most discussed topic in the legislature of late has been no fault insurance and the automotive industry in the state of Michigan.

Explaining bad faith insurance claims

Insurance premiums are paid either on a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis for automotive insurance. These payments are made so that in the event that a claim needs to be filed, the policyholder will receive compensation if they have been involved in an accident. There are times though where insurance companies refuse to defend their clients against others making claims against them or they fail to pay claims filed by their clients. This is known as operating in bad faith.

Michigan: A no-fault system that works for the injured

You were driving on the highway at night when you noticed something strange ahead. Suddenly, you realize that there is a traffic accident just a few hundred feet ahead of you. You try to stop, but you can't. Now, you're involved in an accident, and you need medical care. Do you need to figure out who is at fault? What can you do to make sure your medical bills are paid?

Will insurance pay your family if you're killed in an accident?

Michigan requires drivers to have no-fault insurance. It's important to understand how this type of policy works, what other coverage you may need -- like collision coverage -- and exactly what types of payouts to expect.

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