Get Legal Strength For Your Car Accident Claim

Your physical and mental recovery following a traumatic car accident is the top priority when you work with Atnip & Associates, PLLC, to pursue your personal injury claim against a negligent driver. We treat each of our clients like part of the family, and we will advise you on getting the best possible care for all types of damages, from bodily injuries to auto repair to even PTSD.

Maximize Your Recovery Of Medical Expenses, Lost Wages, Property Damage And More

Serious car accidents can take tolls in many ways, impacting your personal life, your job and your future. If you or a family member has suffered any type of injury in a car accident that may have been caused by a negligent driver (drunk, reckless, distracted, texting or otherwise negligent), you need to speak with an experienced Michigan auto accident attorney right away.

Our team will guide you through important steps to take after any car accident, and we will advise you on securing benefits through your no-fault accident insurance policy, which can cover all of your accident-related medical expenses and lost wages.

Speak With An Attorney Before Accepting Any Insurance Offer

It is important to remember throughout this process that no insurance company is entirely on your side. Only your personal lawyer can truly be on your side, fighting for your cause. The insurance company seeks to minimize the value of your case, while we seek to maximize the full and fair value of your case.

Also, be sure you do not give a recorded statement to any insurance representative (even your own) before consulting an experienced car accident attorney.

Extensive Experience And Success With All Types Of Accident Cases

Our trial lawyers have 85 years of legal experience representing drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists against negligent and reckless drivers. We understand that no case is the same. We put hard work into investigations and case preparation while helping you figure out how to manage your life while your legal case is pending.

Your case will be ready for trial even while we are in negotiations with the insurance company. Whether we are pursuing a first-party claim against your insurance or a third-party claim against another driver’s insurance, we are prepared to fight for your full and fair compensation. It is worth noting that your insurance premiums cannot be affected by your pursuit of a lawsuit for damages.

If you need compensation for pain and suffering, therapy, vehicle damage repair or replacement, lost income beyond the three years that no-fault insurance may cover or long-term care, you need an experienced legal team working for you.

Our Rochester Hills-based attorneys handle car accident claims throughout metro Detroit, mid-state region (Sanford) and from our Escanaba office in the UP. Please contact us at 248-383-5949 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options and rights with one of our attorneys.

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