When Negligence Costs Your Loved One Their Life

With 85 years of legal experience in Michigan, the attorneys at Atnip & Associates, PLLC, know what it takes to win even the most complex wrongful death claims. These types of cases are our specialty. We independently investigate all catastrophic personal injury claims, collaborate with medical experts, handle all legal aspects of the case and help families heal.

We Hold Responsible Parties Accountable In Wrongful Death Claims

Your family is undoubtedly going through a tremendous amount of stress and sorrow. You may just want justice. You may have lost your loved one a year or two ago, and you are still dealing with the impacts. You can still file a wrongful death claim.

In Michigan, the statute of limitations on a wrongful death claim is three years, which means you may file a claim up to three years after the date of death.

What Can You Recover In A Wrongful Death Claim?

Once a wrongful death case has been heard by the court and the defendant has been ruled legally liable for the death of your loved one, the court will award monetary recovery that may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and income
  • Lost income earning capacity of the deceased
  • Pain and suffering of the deceased prior to death
  • Pain and suffering of family members due to the death
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Property damage costs
  • Loss of companionship with the deceased

You should always consult with an experienced Michigan personal injury lawyer before filing a wrongful death claim. A full investigation of the incident that caused the death and a full accounting of the damages you and others have incurred should be made before filing a claim. Evidence gathered, analyzed and presented effectively will be essential to the success of your case in court.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Claim In Michigan?

Direct family members, grandparents and stepchildren of a deceased person may file a wrongful death claim in Michigan. In addition, any person or entity that is left property in a deceased person’s will may also file a claim. If direct family members are not alive or there is no will, any beneficiary of the deceased person’s estate may file a wrongful death claim.

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