Types of serious car accidents and associated injuries

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Michigan motorists surely know that bad weather conditions make driving more hazardous. Slippery roads or poor visibility often triggers many types of motor vehicles accidents. On top of this, distracted, drowsy or impaired drivers add to traffic dangers. Although all crashes have the potential to seriously injure drivers and passengers, some kinds have a greater likelihood of causing serious injuries.

Head-on collisions

This can be a devastating form of accident because it involves two vehicles heading in opposite directions and then colliding. As a result, the forward momentum of each vehicle adds to the force of impact. Head and neck injuries and deep lacerations from broken glass commonly occur. Wearing your safety belt can make the difference between surviving and dying in a head-on collision.

Side-impact collisions

Two scenarios generate side-impact collisions. In the first one, the front of a vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. These car crashes are also known as T-bone collisions. Due to the direct impact with the vehicle cabin, occupants have a high risk of broken bones, lacerations and head trauma.

A side-swipe accident describes the second scenario. The vehicles are traveling parallel to each other and something causes one car to drift into the other lane and cause the sides of both vehicles to collide. The impact could force one or both vehicles to spin out of control and perhaps hit another vehicle head-on.

Rollover accidents

In a rollover, a car flips or rolls and typically lands on its roof. Losing control on ice or turning too fast represent two causes of rollovers. They may also happen when a driver brakes suddenly at high speed to avoid an object or other vehicle. Injuries may be severe and could include burns because a rollover increases the chance of fuel spilling and igniting.

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