Tips for safe driving in the fall

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Fall in Michigan is a beautiful time of year, and when thinking of hazardous driving, it’s more likely that your first thought will be about winter. But fall brings its own set of hazards on the road.

Several unique factors during fall can contribute to motor vehicle accidents. As such, it’s a good idea to remember how fall can increase your risk as a driver.

Unique fall risks

Auto accidents don’t just happen between two vehicles – A large percentage involve a single vehicle and a pedestrian, stationary object or other party. The fall season increases the risk of single-vehicle accidents in several ways.

First, fall is when children are back in school, which means both increased vehicle traffic when school starts or ends and a large number of additional pedestrians, most of whom are children who may not attend to traffic properly. After a summer with no school-related traffic, fall can be a re-adjustment period for drivers.

Second, fall is mating season for deer, spiking deer activity and substantially increasing the risk of colliding with a deer. Hitting a deer can damage your vehicle and endanger your safety.

Weather-related hazards

Nothing makes driving less safe than winter’s snow, but the increased precipitation during fall does increase driving risk. Most summers are relatively dry and the roads are in good shape, but once fall arrives, you’ll be contending with wet driving surfaces far more frequently.

The colder weather also means that trees begin to shed their leaves, and those leaves can often accumulate on the roads. The combination of leaves and the increased precipitation can create a driving surface that’s treacherous and slick.

Fall driving brings its own set of hazards and risks. It’s important to be vigilant and aware of how the fall can increase the danger on the roads to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

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