Did my car accident cause my bladder issues?

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When people think of injuries developing from car accidents in Michigan, broken bones, cuts and contusions often come to mind. However, internal injuries are common, too. In rare instances, victims can suffer bladder issues resulting from a crash.

Bladder injuries are rare

The bladder’s position in the pelvis protects it from most trauma. However, it is not entirely immune. It can sustain serious damage in car accidents resulting from blunt-force injury or penetration. Seat belts can even cause injury due to the impact’s force. The bladder can become compressed or even rupture, causing severe pain and long-term damage.

Bladder injuries can occur, causing incontinence due to spinal misalignment, causing problems including urgency, discomfort during urination, and difficulty emptying the bladder. Some victims may also have pain or pressure in the lower back and pelvic area.

Treatments for bladder injuries

Bladder injuries can sneak up on victims, making it essential to get a diagnosis and treatment soon after the incident. Even if you don’t have immediate symptoms, problems can develop. Problems, including difficulty urinating, blood in your urine or abdominal pain, can indicate a problem. In such cases, getting medical attention as soon as possible is crucial to your health.

Maintaining your quality of life

Although it may seem like a minor issue, bladder injuries can become debilitating, possibly even resulting in permanent personal injury. If the bladder injury occurs because of an accident, victims should keep comprehensive medical records to ensure that they receive insurance compensation.

However, sometimes insurance companies deny compensation for injuries, or they may reject long-term care for accident-related damages. In these cases, victims can file a legal claim asking for compensation for their injuries, including payment for medical issues, lost wages and more that the car accident may have caused.

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