Distracted driving is causing more accidents

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Michigan transportation authorities have noticed a rise in the number of accidents caused by distracted drivers. As a result, it is taking measures to reduce the total number of incidents. Drivers all across the state are being encouraged to adopt safer driving measures. Doing so can make the difference between enjoying a safe drive and suffering a potentially fatal crash.

Distracted driving incidents cost many lives

The total number of motor vehicle accidents on Michigan roads in 2021 exceeded 42,000. This was the highest figure recorded in the past 16 years. The result was a new initiative by highway safety authorities to encourage safer driving practices. This included a crackdown on distracted driving.

Roughly 3,500 deaths were attributed to drivers losing their focus while behind the wheel. This can be due to any number of causes. For example, drivers using cell phones can tend to get so wrapped up in their conversations that they take their eyes off the road. Such an error can lead to tragedy.

The time to end distracted driving is now

Distracted driving has always been among the most common causes of road accidents. However, the recent rise in deaths attributed to this cause is significant. This phenomenon represents a serious danger. It can affect the lives of not only the drivers but the passengers in their vehicles.

People who talk while driving are being urged to use Bluetooth and similar devices to keep their hands free. They are also advised to take plenty of rest breaks during longer drives. This will help to keep them fresh and attentive in order to deal more effectively with potential hazards that require their full focus.

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