What are common causes of auto accidents?

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Car accidents can be devastating. Every day in Michigan, they take countless lives. Survivors may have permanent disabilities. Overall, it’s good to have a better understanding of car accidents and why they happen. Such knowledge can help prevent more accidents or allow you to survive one with your health and finances intact.

Why do car accidents happen?

While there is a lot that can go wrong with automobiles, most accidents have similar causes. Understanding these causes can make it easier to prevent them in the future. These common causes of car accidents include:

  • alcohol consumption
  • drug use
  • speeding
  • lack of sleep
  • smartphone use
  • distractions inside or outside the car
  • bad weather conditions
  • aggressive driving behavior
  • disregarding traffic lights and stop signs

How can you prevent auto accidents?

Once you know the top causes of car accidents, you should be able to adapt behaviors that make them less likely. This can include behaviors such as:

  • following all traffic laws
  • paying attention to traffic lights and signs
  • driving under the speed limit
  • turning your phone off while driving
  • focusing squarely on the road and what surrounds it
  • driving defensively
  • using a designated driver when drinking
  • always getting a good night’s sleep before driving

What should you do after a car accident?

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you may still end up in a car accident due to the actions of another driver or some other circumstance you cannot control. After an accident, medical attention should be sought immediately. Even minor car accidents can result in serious medical trauma. Other standard procedures include contacting the police and drivers’ insurance providers. Evidence such as photos and witness testimony from the scene can be collected if you believe there will be future legal proceedings regarding the accident.

Driving safely can save lives. Still, most people, even safe drivers, end up in car accidents at some point. After one, ensure you take the right steps to protect your health, legal rights and financial well-being.

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