Common mistakes car accident victims make

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In Michigan, people hurt in car accidents may seek financial compensation for their losses. What happens right after a car crash may affect how the subsequent legal proceedings progress. Avoiding common mistakes after an accident seems advisable.

Mistakes accident victims may make

Possibly the worst mistake involves leaving the scene of an accident. Doing so opens the departing driver to criminal charges, perhaps felony ones. Hit-and-run drivers might also strengthen a victim’s liability case for punitive damages.

While most drivers would not likely flee the scene, they could make the unfortunate mistake of admitting fault. That could hurt any attempt to defend liability claims. Ironically, someone who is not entirely at fault may take full blame out of fear or nervousness.

Oversights present legal concerns. Not getting the other driver’s contact or insurance information may complicate things. Failing to procure any evidence at the scene might also lead to trouble. Photographing damage or injuries allows the victim to enter such images into evidence. Getting contact information for witnesses might help, as well.

Medical care and legal matters

Accident victims who do not seek immediate medical care put their lives at risk. Someone might not believe they are hurt severely, but such self-assessments may not be based on reality. An MRI or a physical examination by a doctor could reveal worse injuries than someone realizes. And not all motor vehicle accidents involve someone pronounced dead at the scene. Internal injuries could lead to death in hours or days following a crash.

Insurance settlements often address accident claims. Inexperienced persons may tell the insurance investigator too much, hurting their claim. Or, lack of experience may undermine the settlement negotiations.

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