What is road rash, and how serious is it?

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People who are involved in serious vehicle accidents and who get ejected as it occurs can suffer road rash. This is especially common with motorcycle riders. Here is an overview of road rash.

What is road rash, and how is it caused?

Road rash is an injury that affects the skin. It is characterized by abrasions that rub the skin away. Road rash is caused by force applied to the skin when a person falls on a rough surface such as the ground. A person can slide across the surface, causing the skin to stretch beyond its means.

This type of injury often happens in a few ways. Accidents involving motor vehicles such as motorcycles or even bicycles can result in a person falling and suffering from road rash. However, other situations can also lead to road rash such as playing sports and sliding on the ground.

What are the symptoms of road rash?

Road rash is abrasions, which occur when the skin breaks and blood comes out. Depending on the severity of the injury, road rash can be shallow or deeper into the skin. Often, it’s more painful than a puncture wound because of nerve endings being impacted. If the injury is deeper, it can reach the dermis and result in the following symptoms:

• Dirt and other debris in the wound

• Bruising

• Damage to the nerve, tendons or blood vessels

• Broken bones

One of the most common symptoms of road rash is what’s known as “traumatic tattoos.” These are scars that can cause discoloration and permanent scars.

Anyone who has an accident that results in road rash should get treatment. It’s better not to shrug it off.

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