100 deadly days of summer for teens

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The summer brings nice weather that could motivate people to go for a drive to see friends or enjoy the outdoors. Enthusiasm to travel should not undermine safe driving practices, and both adult and teen drivers benefit from avoiding any reckless behaviors. Teen drivers might be disadvantaged compared to adults since younger persons may have less experience behind the wheel. So, teens may need to exhibit care when driving on Michigan streets or highways during perilous summer days.

The summer brings 100 dangerous days

100 days of summer refers to the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and those days find scores of commuters traveling on streets and highways. Many people have vacation time, and various activities draw their interest. Unfortunately, not everyone follows smart and safe driving practices. Revelers participating in festive activities might drink and drive, presenting terrible risks to others.

Teens might be at significant risk if they have not developed their defensive driving capabilities. Things may worsen for teen drivers who commit moving violations or drive unsafely. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), summertime crashes involving teenagers led to 7,124 deaths between 2011 and 2020. On average, teen drivers become involved in 642 fatal crashes during the 100 deadly days of summer.

Teen drivers and safety

Teens might cause car accidents for several reasons, with distracted driving among them. A teen driver may become more concerned with a smartphone or infotainment display than worrying about driving safely. Accidents could happen that way.

Moving violations also increase the chances of crashes, and teen drivers may take unfortunate and illegal risks. Excessive speeding and passing stopped school buses might reflect dangerous impatience behind the wheel.

Parents and guardians might need to establish ground rules to help protect teen drivers. Otherwise, the young ones could cause a horrible crash and face a serious lawsuit.

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