The dangers of improperly loaded trucks

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Michigan truck drivers perform an important job transporting most of the food and other essential goods that we need. At the same time, large semi-trucks and the cargo they are pulling can pose a huge threat to other people on the road. When commercial trucks are involved in accidents, people can be seriously injured and killed.

Improper loading has consequences

The dangers of truck driver fatigue, intoxication and distraction are well known. What a lot of people don’t realize, though, is that an improperly loaded truck can also cause motor vehicle accidents. When cargo is not properly loaded into a truck, the truck driver may be more likely to lose control of their vehicle and cause an accident.


Due to safety issues, there are legal limits on how much weight commercial trucks are allowed to carry. Overweight trucks are much more difficult to steer and they have greater stopping distances. When a truck is heavier, it descends hills much faster. There could also be tire blowouts due to excess pressure from the weight.


Not every truck that is able to pass a weight check is properly loaded. If the cargo in a truck is dispersed unevenly, the imbalance can create steering issues for the driver. A truck may also be more likely to tip over if there is too much weight on one side. Unbalanced loading can also put extra strain on truck components.


When the cargo in a truck is not properly secured, it could shift around during the drive. This movement can create an unbalanced load and change the truck’s center of gravity. If a truck driver is hauling an open-air trailer, unsecured cargo could fall off the truck.

Liability for improper loading

When a truck accident involves improper loading, there may be multiple liable parties. Truck drivers don’t always load their own trailers, but they are still responsible for making sure that their cargo is secure. The truck driver and the trucking company may both have liability for improper loading.

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