Lost wages claims after car accidents

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Persons suffering injuries in car accidents may face numerous unexpected financial struggles. Medical bills from a hospital stay might only be a fraction of such costs, as rehabilitation and follow-up treatment could be unavoidable. Even worse, some Michigan workers may lose their jobs over accident-related injuries. These workers could seek compensation for their losses in a civil suit.

Lost wages and income and civil claims

If someone performs manual work, ranging from construction to data entry, they could find it impossible to handle the job with a broken arm. Someone who suffers a broken arm or worse in a car accident might miss weeks of work. Unfortunately, some workers could end up losing their jobs due to injuries. Addressing the financial devastation may involve filing a lawsuit or insurance claim over lost wages.

The claim could cover many different losses related to decreased income. The victim might immediately lose weekly wages or business profits. The person might experience decreased income or earning potential from the day of the accident forward. Permanent injuries may require the worker to seek a different job that pays less. Seeking compensation from a negligent driver may provide a solution to the financial mess.

Evidence, claims, and recovering losses

Claims after car accidents require evidence to prove a case. A preponderance of the evidence remains the basis for civil suits, and some cases may establish apparent negligence without many challenges. A drunk driver with double the legal BAC limit would likely appear negligent for a collision. Proving lost wages requires evidence as well. Something must substantiate the claims.

Medical records that prove someone cannot work may serve as evidence of a disability. Financial records might establish how much the person could lose in earnings over the years. Presenting such information could help drive a settlement agreement.

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