3 reckless driving behaviors to watch out for

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Reckless drivers in Michigan put people at risk every single day. Even if you are a super safe driver, you can’t control the dangerous actions of other motorists. However, staying aware and limiting your distractions may help you to spot reckless drivers so that you can avoid them.

Sometimes, it’s possible to maneuver away from a reckless driver and avoid a potential accident. Here are some obvious signs of reckless driving that are important to be aware of:

#1: Tailgating

If the car behind you is following you too closely, the driver may be annoyed that you are going at or under the speed limit or simply not paying attention to following distance. Either way, the driver is being reckless and risking a rear-end collision. As soon as it’s safe, try to change lanes and let that reckless driver get out of your way.

#2: Speeding

Many car crashes are caused by drivers that travel way over the speed limit or too fast for the current weather conditions. It’s sometimes possible to spot these drivers from a distance and get your car out of the way ahead of time. A speeding driver will have less control over their steering wheel and may miss a red light.

#3: Impaired drivers

These days, it can be hard to tell whether a driver is intoxicated by alcohol or distracted by a text. Either way, you should try to avoid any driver that you see doing things like drifting over the center lane or forgetting to signal. Intoxicated, distracted and exhausted drivers have slower reaction times and make a lot of mistakes.

Compensation for reckless driving accidents

If you were injured by a reckless driver, you can sue the driver for compensation. Your medical expenses, car repairs and lost wages may all be compensable in a car accident claim.

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