Some facts about motorcycle accidents

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Accidents happen on Michigan roads with a regrettable frequency. Even when motorcyclists do their best to be safe, some crashes prove unavoidable. Throughout the United States, motorcycle collisions cause injuries, property damage, and even death. A review of statistics from past years might explain why crashes occur.

Worries about accidents on the road

Motorcyclists have good reasons to worry about their safety. A motorcycle lacks the protections a vehicle offers, and motorcyclists might suffer far worse injuries in an accident. A review of statistics from 2018 shows nearly 5,000 motorcyclists died in accidents, an alarming figure. Some states and localities could present more significant risks to motorcyclists than others, but danger looms whenever a motorcyclist takes to the road.

Highway travels and high speeds aren’t necessary for severe injuries. Someone opening a door on a parked car or backing out of a driveway careless could result in deadly consequences for a motorcyclist. Besides being careful on the road, motorcyclists may benefit from wearing appropriate safety equipment at all times.

Risks, dangers, negligence, and motorcycle accidents

Like so many avoidable motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle crashes often involve someone’s negligent behavior. Both sadly and unsurprisingly, drunk driving contributes to numerous motorcycle accidents. An impaired driver could hit a motorcyclist without warning, leading to tragic consequences.

Not all motorcyclists are accident victims, though. Some make ill-advised decisions, such as hitting a turn too fast, resulting in crashes. A motorcyclist’s improper decisions may cause harm to another vehicle or a pedestrian, making the motorcyclist potentially liable.

Although lawsuit judgments or insurance settlements cannot eliminate pain and suffering, the compensation could cover financial losses.

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