Some statistics about vehicle accidents over holidays

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While vehicle accidents can happen any time of year, there is an increased risk during holidays. Drivers in Rochester, Michigan, should know that the most dangerous periods are not always what people think according to statistics.

The most dangerous holidays

In 2019, the Department of Transportation reported that traffic fatalities averaged 102 daily throughout the year but increased to 119 per day during major holiday periods. The summer holidays have the highest rates of personal injury from accidents, with Memorial Day and Labor Day heading the list.

In spite of Christmas being a major traveling holiday with more celebrations, fewer fatal accidents occur during this time. Reports show that accident rates are even lower if Christmas falls during the week as people prefer to celebrate at home. Ash Wednesday, which occurs six weeks before Easter, is among the least deadly holidays.

Reasons for higher crash rates

Alcohol is a common reason for the increase in deadly crashes, with 40% of fatal accidents involving alcohol between Christmas and New Year’s. The stress of shopping for gifts and feeling obligated to attend events can cause distracted driving and speeding to get things done. The National Safety Council reports that drivers are three times more likely to get into an accident from fatigue, which lowers judgment.

Drivers may get so stressed and fatigued to the point they start ignoring the rules of the road and forgoing vehicle maintenance. Holidays increase the amount of traffic, and more traffic on the road raises the risk of distracted driving behaviors, such as eating and driving and mobile device use. In addition, the chances of bad weather in some areas make driving more dangerous.

It pays to have proper insurance coverage. Drivers who think a negligent driver caused their accident may seek compensation for damages from the other driver’s insurer.

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