Michigan winters come with hazardous driving

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Winter does not make driving conditions easier for those who take to the roads. Of course, winter will be worse in certain areas than in others. Few would feel any surprise to discover vehicle collisions might increase during the cold season in Michigan. However, residents and visitors may not realize that Michigan could present worse traffic conditions and winter driving than Alaska.

Michigan and its dangerous winter driving conditions

Michigan holds the dubious honor of being the most dangerous state for winter driving. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reviewed data from 2017 to 2019 and discovered Michigan has a very high accident death rate in the winter, beating Alaska due to averaging 55 deaths per winter.

Any state that receives more than five inches of snowfall sees an increase in driving dangers. Michigan does fit such a description, as the winter could bring far more snow than a mere five inches over several weeks.

The winter brings hazards

Drivers could reduce the chances of accidents by putting snow tires on their vehicles and seeking safer routes. Of course, avoiding negligent behavior makes sense as well.

While operating a vehicle could become more hazardous if winter weather delivers ice and snow, not every driver has an option of staying off the roads during treacherous conditions, so adhering to safe winter driving steps might be beneficial. Those choosing to speed or otherwise operate a vehicle unsafely could cause motor vehicle accidents.

If negligence plays a role in an automobile accident, the negligent party may face a civil judgment. Victims could pursue an auto insurance claim which might cover the losses, even significant ones.

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