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This New Year’s Eve, consider skipping the fireworks

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As Americans, we love fireworks. Once mostly associated with the Fourth of July, many people now enjoy watching or setting off fireworks and firecrackers for numerous occasions, including the winter holiday season.

But if you are thinking about attending or having a fireworks show for Christmas or New Year’s, we ask you to please reconsider, at least for this year.

PTSD and pets

For some, fireworks are not a harmless, colorful diversion. For example, veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder may be triggered by the loud explosions and flashing lights. Fireworks also tend to frighten dogs and other household pets.

The emotional pain that Metro Detroit is feeling

But most of all, many of us in the Rochester community are still reeling from the tragic shooting at Oxford High School, which happened just a couple of weeks ago. As we all know, four teens were killed, and seven more people were injured. The shock and grief caused by that horrible incident is still being felt throughout Metro Detroit, and the noise of fireworks could be a painful reminder of what happened on Nov. 30.

Nobody who sets off fireworks wants to cause harm or trauma to anybody else. But for this holiday season, it may make sense to keep the fireworks put away and find alternative ways to celebrate.

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