National rise of car accidents

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Contrary to what many expected, the rate of car accidents in Michigan is rising. There’s a trend around the United States that’s pushing the rate of vehicle accidents higher. The numbers have even led to government agencies reassessing vehicle safety overall. The Department of Transportation found an 18% increase in vehicle accidents since 2006.

Is it temporary?

Blaming increased car accidents on social isolation is a growing concept. Michigan drivers are using the road as their getaway, and researchers speculate that the spike in accidents has to do partly with the anxiety people are releasing via driving. Even the prospect of less cars on the road is considered a factor behind more fatalities as drivers feel free to take more risks in less traffic.

Seat belts

When the rate of vehicle deaths increases, a common area of interest is the competency of modern drivers. Alongside a lower rate of seat belt use, drivers are engaged in more alcohol and drug use while driving. Substance use with no seat belts is a recipe for disaster.

Speed limits

As trivial as it may seem, speeding is another key factor behind rising vehicle fatalities. The statistics indicate the need for driving laws to be better enforced or to be amended to prevent high rates of speed. To avoid being a statistic in the rising rate of car accidents, each driver should follow the posted speed limit.

Car accidents in Michigan

Car accidents do happen, but taking the right precaution may help ensure that you avoid an accident or minimize its potential danger. With the risks of driving rising, it’s important keep the road laws in mind. Your safety is dependent on you obeying the law and driving defensively.

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