How to stay safe while driving in winter

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Winter is a time of year when motor vehicle accidents are common in Michigan, and many drivers do not know how to stay safe. It’s important to prepare yourself for anything; these three tips are here to help you do that.

Mind your speed

In winter, weather conditions can change quickly and dramatically. You may be driving along in perfect visibility when suddenly the flakes start falling, and you’re faced with an icy road to navigate at a much lower speed than usual. Even if it’s not posing any danger to yourself or other drivers on the road, continuing at your normal pace in bad weather will only make things worse for yourself. Generally, you should try to drive as slowly as possible, and if you need to stop, try your best not to brake suddenly.

Confirm that you have the right traction

If you don’t have winter tires installed on your vehicle, it’s imperative that you stay off the roads unless they are completely clear. However, even if you do have winter tires, make sure to check their condition before setting out into hazardous weather conditions. If there is any damage or issues with the tires at all, get them fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself and other drivers in serious danger if there’s an issue with your tires when it matters most.

Mind your headlights

Avoid using high beams in foggy conditions as it can blind oncoming traffic. Many motor vehicle accidents happen due to drivers not being able to see each other in time. If you’re driving on a motorway and somebody suddenly speeds out of the fog, your high beams could potentially blind them so that they don’t see where they are going until it’s too late. Use your low beam headlights when visibility is poor, and if conditions are very bad, it’s best that you stay at home until the weather clears up a bit more.

Winters can get harsh, but staying safe is not as hard as you might think. With these three tips in mind, motor vehicle accidents should be less of a concern for yourself and other drivers out on icy roads.

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