What to do after a motor vehicle accident

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It is easy to forget the fundamentals about what to do in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident (MVA). It is wise for Michigan residents and people across the nation to understand the litany of challenges that can arise and address them by adhering to the basics. This is not only vital for safety, but it can also be crucial when weighing the available options.

Taking certain steps can cover all the bases

To avoid leaving out key details as to how to handle auto accidents, the Insurance Information Institute (III) has created a list. In a crash, injuries are unfortunately common. These can be obvious or hidden, manifesting with symptoms later. It is important to check and see if anyone — a driver, passengers and others who were involved — was injured. Accidents generally happen in the middle of a street or road. It is wise to get to the side of the road, where it is safer, and immediately dial 911.

Those who are able to do so should talk to the other driver and exchange insurance information. This is essential when trying to recover damages for repairs and medical care. That includes the insurance information, driver’s license number, license plate, name and address. Many may not realize that the police report is a primary source of information. A driver should ensure that he or she has a copy. Since just about everyone has a phone with a camera and video capabilities, a priority is to take images of the scene and the vehicles involved in the MVA. Witnesses will likely be at the scene. Getting their information can be helpful.

Following these steps may smooth the process

People who are in an MVA will need to think about receiving medical care, fixing their vehicles, getting a new vehicle, and addressing the possibility that others were hurt or lost their lives in the collision. Knowing the basics can be beneficial in these situations. It is also important to have this information when considering a legal filing. Having professional guidance for that is also imperative.

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