Fatal accidents increased in 2021

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Traffic accidents could result in something more than minor repairs and annoying inconveniences. People die in car crashes on Michigan roads at alarming rates. An illegal turn at an intersection might lead to a pedestrian’s death, and a truck driver’s tailgating could kill someone in a smaller car. Making matters worse, 2021 continues to be an incredibly deadly year for fatal collisions.

The 2021 death toll proves alarming

The early months of 2021 saw a remarkable increase in fatalities. Technology and infrastructure improvements can’t always compensate for risky behaviors by drivers.

Accident statistics reveal a shocking figure: The first three months of 2021 resulted in 8,730 fatal collisions. The data shows fewer people traveled U.S. streets and highways during that time, so conclusions point to changes in how drivers behave as the reasons why so many deaths occurred.

Fewer drivers and more disasters

Moving violations play a role in many car accidents. With seemingly more open roads, drivers may believe that speeding and other dangerous behaviors come with less risk. Even those who follow the rules could become reckless in other ways. Failing to wear a seat belt or taking part in distracting behaviors may lead to tragedy.

Drunk driving also presents tremendous risks. Someone leaving a bar or party inebriated might get behind the wheel because they think no one else is on the road. Again, poor decisions come with potentially devastating consequences.

No matter the year or the road conditions, negligence leaves people open to liability suits. Financial losses may pale in comparison to a loss of life caused by a traffic accident.

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