Driving on I-75 may increase the risk of an accident

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Running an errand or commuting to work on the busy intersections of I-75 in Michigan may increase the likelihood of getting into a car accident. Traveling on this busy highway places you among many other vehicles. Statistics indicate that some of the busiest intersections in Oakland and Wayne counties can be dangerous, especially if you’re traveling on them between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. when rush hour is at its peak.

Traveling on a busy highway increases danger

Staying alert is vital when you’re going home from a long day at work. Unfortunately, being cognitive about your surroundings is only one element affecting the danger factor on the highway where you’re driving. One of the most significant challenges of traveling on busy intersections, like the ones found on I-75, is how aware and alert fellow drivers are when they’re whizzing next to you at high speeds. Traveling alongside a large number of drivers increases the odds for one of them to be driving drunk, under the influence of drugs or fatigued. Impaired drivers could get into a car accident with you if they aren’t 100% cognitive of their surroundings.

Getting into a car accident

The likelihood of a problem occurring is increased when you’re driving in specific areas of I-75. Many car accidents have been recorded in these sections, and if you’re involved in a crash, the chance of being injured is roughly 25 to 35%. Pursuing an insurance claim or lawsuit might be necessary to pay for medical costs if you’re one of the unlucky people to get injured in a car wreck while traveling in this area.

Driving as safely as possible is always essential. However, accidents can still occur if another driver on the road isn’t operating their vehicle responsibly. Taking legal action may be the recommended course if you’re ever involved in a crash due to another individual’s negligence.

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