The diagnosis, treatment and compensation of a spinal fracture

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A spinal cord injury is often the result of a sudden, traumatic accident that might have been prevented. The damage to the spine may be reversible, but the financial effects take years to recoup. If your issues occurred in Michigan, know what to do when you’re faced with this severe injury.

The diagnosis process

The process of diagnosing a spinal fracture starts with severe pain in the back, neck, shoulders or other parts of the body. In an emergency room or doctor’s office, the nurse evaluates the patient’s history, and the doctor performs a physical exam. The doctor may touch the affected area along the spine to check for pain or soreness. If a serious problem is suspected, an X-ray is ordered to show proof of a fracture.

The diagnosis includes a specific type of spinal fractures, such as compression, flexion or dislocation. The next step is a series of medical treatments in the hospital or office and at home. A fracture takes several weeks or months to heal, so most patients are left with piles of medical bills.

The legal process

After the diagnosis and treatment is the legal process of handling a spinal fracture. There are legal representatives available to help people obtain compensation for several months or years of accumulated medical bills. Going through the court system is the best way to receive compensation. This is recommended to punish the individual or group of individuals who were responsible for the accident that caused your serious injury.

What to do next

In every state are personal injury laws to protect anyone involved in a serious accident. If the spine is fractured, the injured person must receive a correct diagnosis in order to receive effective treatment. However, you should not pay for medical bills, lost wages and expenses if the accident was a result of negligence. Working with the legal system is recommended to recover your personal losses after an accident.

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