Are truck rollovers preventable?

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Trucks carrying heavy loads bring scores of vital cargo to various destinations. Food, fuel, lumber, and several other essential goods usually make their way to Michigan locations on time without any incidents. Unfortunately, some cargo trucks suffer disastrous accidents that result in rollovers. Rollovers could cause fatal injuries to a truck’s driver and any pedestrians and other vehicles nearby. What might prove most frustrating to victims and their families is the fact some rollover accidents are preventable.

Keeping cargo truck rollovers from happening

Many factors may contribute to a rollover accident, and some could be outside a driver’s control. Many times, the driver or the cargo company bears the blame for the crash. Speeding, for example, factors into wrecks, and driving at unsafe speeds represents negligent behavior.

Unsafe drivers might take to the roads while under the influence, a dangerous and reckless decision. Others may be a “little tired” and don’t assume their fatigue presents risks and dangers. A fatigued driver could fall asleep at the wheel, leading to a rollover catastrophe.

Drivers who cause fatal accidents might find themselves in civil and criminal trouble. The victims may take some solace in their ability to seek financial compensation for their losses.

The trucking company neglects its duties

The driver might not be fully responsible for a crash, if at all. Poor maintenance could result in a rollover crash, and vehicles with bad brakes present a potentially deadly flaw. Trucking companies that don’t repair mechanical problems might be liable to any resulting motor vehicle accidents. These companies may then rely on their general liability policies to address claims.

Sometimes, the driver and the trucking company could share responsibility for an accident. What if a crew overloaded the cargo? Both the trucker and the company should know when a truck becomes too heavy to travel safely. Allowing an unsafe load onto the road may be negligent behavior.

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