How to handle a car accident insurance claim

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Filing an auto accident insurance claim in Michigan begins with contacting your personal policy carrier and submitting an official accident report. Michigan is a “no fault” insurance state, which means that all vehicle owners are required to carry personal injury protection as the primary rider for their auto policy. As opposed to an “at fault” state process, the owner’s policy pays first for claims regarding medical bills, lost wages when the injured claimant is unable to work, and physical property damage when carrying comprehensive coverage. However, it is still important to exchange insurance information with any other involved driver if they are not injured beyond their ability to communicate.

Initial consultation

The process is seemingly simple when no-fault coverage is in place, but the truth is that your own insurance company can still be difficult when settling a claim. Insurance company claims adjusters will evaluate the accident and determine what benefits the company will pay in the beginning. Medical bill payments are typically covered first following Michigan motor vehicle accidents, but some companies may want to wait until the claimant is able to return to work or the case goes to court for a full settlement determination.

Dealing with an at fault driver’s insurance provider

It is important for Michigan drivers to remember that general damages for ongoing problems following an accident must be pursued with the opposing driver’s insurance company or the driver themselves. The amount of liability protection they carry can make a significant difference in the outcome of the general damage claim for pain and suffering. General damages from serious motor vehicle accidents can easily exceed policy limits, including PIP coverage with your primary carrier, and many times the remainder of damages for medical bills and lost wages are a component of the negligent driver’s total liability as well.

It is clear that being properly compensated for all damages following an accident in Michigan can be a complicated process.

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