Car accidents happen even when using self-driving tech

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Self-driving technology is deceptively attractive for Michigan car owners. You let your mind wander while the car’s computer system handles all mechanical aspects of driving. Best of all, you believe that the features will prevent accidents. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Tech is far from perfect

Car accidents happen even when a motorist uses an autonomous vehicle. While it’s true that companies work diligently on minimizing problems, the systems still have bugs. For example, statistics suggest that 23% of self-driving vehicle accidents involved sensing errors.

Sometimes, there’s also the possibility that the driver’s input contradicts the technology’s typical operations. In these cases, owner preferences overrule the capabilities of the autonomous car. Next, consider the changing road conditions in the state. It’s clear that tech companies still need to work out a variety of conditions before considering the technology safe.

Dealing with the aftermath of car accidents involving self-driving tech

Just as you shouldn’t rely on self-driving technology, other motorists shouldn’t either. That said, there are a growing number of drivers who do. This puts you in a vulnerable position. When another motorist claims that it’s the car’s fault, you need help dealing with the negligent driver.

Moreover, insurers might decide to treat car accidents involving autonomous cars differently. They may claim that it’s your fault the accident occurred. Even if it’s clear that the other party’s at fault, they might try to apportion some of the responsibility to you, which may then limit your ability to receive compensation for damages.

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