What causes motorcycle accidents?

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Motorcycle accidents cause injuries in Michigan each day. Even though motorcyclists have the right to full use of the road, too often, drivers don’t exercise reasonable care for the safety of bikers on the road. Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Michigan include speeding, tailgating, drunk driving and dangerous road conditions.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Michigan

Some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Michigan include:

  • Speeding – All drivers must use reasonable safety measures for driving with consideration for the other traffic that is on the road. When others drive too fast when there are motorcycles on the road, the result may be an accident. Drivers must obey all traffic laws including slowing their speed as needed for the safety of others, including motorcyclists.
  • Tailgating – Tailgating vehicles create danger for motorcyclists. Michigan law requires drivers to leave sufficient time to stop in the assured cleared distance ahead. When they follow too closely, motor vehicle accidents may result.
  • Drunk driving – Drunk driving in Michigan includes driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is also driving over the legal limit for alcohol. Drunk drivers have reduced reaction time and may not be able to react appropriately for other traffic on the road, including motorcyclists.
  • Dangerous road conditions – Ice and snow are common road conditions in Michigan. Potholes and debris in the road can also make the roads unpredictable. Motorcyclists who encounter these dangers may be accident victims.

Motorcycle accident causes in Michigan

There are a number of different causes of motorcycle accidents in Michigan. In fact, an accident may have more than one cause. The victim of an accident who suffers serious, permanent or disfiguring injuries may claim financial compensation for their injuries. A victim may have the assistance of a motor vehicle accident lawyer.

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