Who has a greater likelihood of speeding?

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In Michigan, speed limits are in place to try and improve road safety. Unfortunately, there are drivers who fail to realize the potential danger of going beyond the speed limit and cause motor vehicle accidents. A common topic is which demographic is most likely to drive at higher speeds. This can be important as it is a guide as to who should be watched and educated about its risks.

Teens may have a greater propensity to speed

There are many dangers linked to speeding. Teens are especially vulnerable to the temptation as they are new to the road and are unaware of the danger. Teens may have better reflexes than older people, but other factors mitigate it. Statistics indicate that when traveling at excessive speeds, the reaction time to issues like traffic congestion, an accident or pedestrians crossing the road are severely diminished. If there is an accident, the impact will be harder with a chance of worse injuries.

Frequent catalysts for teen speeding go beyond taking risks for its own sake. Their lack of experience in a major factor. Between 2015 and 2019, more than 15,500 teens had a fatal accident. In addition, greater than one-quarter of fatal accidents in 2018 involved speeding. Teens’ propensity to speed surpasses that of older drivers and leaves less distance between the vehicle driving at excessive speed and the one ahead of it.

Considering the options after speed-related auto accidents

Despite instructors educating teens on the dangers of speeding and law enforcement issuing citations, people still surpass speed limits. After motor vehicle accidents, there may be medical costs, long-term injuries and lost income from being unable to work. It is imperative to understand the value of assistance from experienced professionals as it may help with pursuing a case.

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