A somewhat surprising fact about car accidents

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When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle in Michigan, the last thing you’re likely thinking about is an accident. However, accidents do happen, and one study revealed that most crashes happen within the first few minutes of driving. According to Dolphin Technologies, 40% of all roadway accidents happen within the first 10 minutes of driving. The first three minutes of driving a vehicle accounts for 25% of the overall traffic wrecks recorded.

Overly familiar territory leads to a false sense of security

When you think about your first 10 minutes of driving, it likely includes the area surrounding your home and your work. After traveling these roads for days upon days, the mind starts to create a false sense of security. As you get to know the roads, traffic signs and traffic stops better, your attention tends to be distracted from the roadway. Individuals are more likely to be involved in a self-induced accident on these short trips.

Understanding self-induced car accidents

Self-induced car accidents are a result of illogical decisions due to distracted driving. There are many ways that you can induce an accident with your behavior. Some of these include driving while fatigued, driving drunk, being distracted on your phone or even trying to read while driving down the road. People are more likely to be involved in self-induced accidents when they’re on roads that they’re familiar with.

It’s important to realize just how dangerous distracted driving can be. When you’re participating in any distracting activities, it takes your hands off of the steering wheel. In addition, it takes your eyes off of the roadway, meaning that you are not receiving adequate information to drive safely. You might miss seeing an obstacle in the road like a pedestrian walking out in front of you. When your eyes are on your phone and not the roadway, you don’t see the pedestrian and cannot react to avoid the collision. These activities also take your mind off the task of driving, which makes you more likely to be involved in a car accident and receive a personal injury.

Be a safer driver

Once you understand the importance of vigilant driving, it’s easy to make an action plan to avoid putting yourself at risk. Consider paying extra attention when you’re traveling a short distance from home and work. Also, be sure to avoid distractions like texting, loud music, messing with your GPS or even having intense dialogue with one of your passengers. This will help you and others on the road stay safe.

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