What are your options after a car crash involving an uninsured driver?

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You’re stopped at a red light when you feel the sudden impact of another vehicle. After you’ve checked that yourself and the person in the other car are okay, you request their information. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they are not insured. The car crash is frustrating by itself, but now you have to deal with someone who can’t pay for your damages. What are your options in Michigan? The following includes further details about being involved in an accident where the other party is uninsured.

Concerns with drivers

Most of the states in the country require drivers to have both a license and automobile liability insurance. However, many drivers use loopholes to escape from paying this monthly coverage. They may obtain insurance just long enough to have their vehicle registered with the state but then stop paying it afterward. In fact, a recent study found that one in seven drivers does not have automobile insurance. This can place you at great risk if you are ever involved in a car accident.

Filing a lawsuit

When the driver at fault is found not to have insurance, you may file a lawsuit against them. However, it should be noted that they may not have insurance for financial reasons rather than simply not wanting to pay. This means that even if you do win your case, you might not see any compensation from the other party.

Insurance plan upgrades

If the other driver has no means to pay you back, then you may be out of options. However, there is an action you can take to protect yourself. You may ask your insurance company to upgrade you to have uninsured motorist coverage added to your policy. This will cover any damages made by an uninsured driver.

Although options are limited with an uninsured at-fault driver, it is still recommended to bring on an attorney to help you navigate the process. This may provide you with the ability to pay for your vehicle repairs without burning a hole through your checkbook.

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