Autumn driving and its safety risks

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Michigan drivers may have adjusted to the active school zones at the start of fall, but there are other autumn-related risks that they need to be aware of before they head out on the road. One of the most prominent has to do with the end of daylight saving time. Chances are that one’s evening commute will be in the dark when visibility is limited, and it’s harder to judge distances correctly.

One more issue is glare on the windshield. This will happen if one is driving just as the sun is setting: another real possibility with the end of DST. To avoid this issue, drivers should wear sunglasses and keep their windshield clear of any dirt streaks.

Hitting animals and wiping out on leaves

Autumn is a time for many wild animals to come out. November is deer mating season, so it’s important to watch out for deer. Next, the falling leaves make for beautiful scenery but may prove to be treacherous to drivers. They can keep potholes out of sight or make the road wet and slippery.

The drop in temperatures can contribute to the decrease in tire pressure as well. Tires will lose around one pound per square inch of pressure for every 10-degree drop, and that’s not including the loss of one PSI of pressure that occurs each month regardless of weather.

What to do after an auto accident

Perhaps you followed all the rules, but another driver became careless in the autumn weather and collided with you. Car accidents that are so severe that PIP cannot cover the losses may form the basis for a third-party insurance claim. To find out where you stand in this matter, you may have a lawyer perform a case evaluation. The lawyer may assist with every step, including the negotiations, while you physically recover.

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