What are some of the more common reasons motorcyclists are hit?

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It’s not uncommon for parents, spouses and others to feel some apprehension when their loved ones express an interest in operating a motorcycle. One of the reasons why they often feel this way is because they’ve likely heard about catastrophic crashes that resulted in motorcyclists’ injuries or death. Family members don’t want their loved ones to face the same fate. Motorbike riders can benefit from knowing what types of accidents are more common so that they can take preventative measures to avoid them.

One all-too-common reason why motorcyclists end up hurt is that a motorist cuts too closely in front of them from another lane. Drivers often do this because they fail to see a motorbike in their vehicle’s blind spots. Motorcyclists can avoid such crashes by remaining vigilant for a driver’s head movements, them turning their wheel, using their turn signal or checking their mirrors.

Another reason why motorists often strike motorcyclists is because a driver turns left in front of them. There are a variety of reasons motorists may do this. Car operators may misgauge how far a motorcyclist is traveling or become distracted between the time they initially notice you and when you make it into the intersection.

The best thing you can do to avoid a car striking you is to continue watching a motorist’s eyes and for their car’s turning wheels. If you note that they’re not looking at you and that their wheels are increasingly moving in the direction of their turn, then they may not be focused on you at all and be more likely to hit you.

Another common reason motorcyclists are struck is that motorists open their car doors right in their path. Drivers also often make the mistake of assuming that motorcyclists will power through an intersection and then strike them from behind when they don’t.

While a motorcyclist’s actions, such as going into a turn or curve too fast, are to blame for many crashes, drivers are responsible for countless other collisions each year here in Rochester. Fortunately, Michigan law may allow you to recover compensation if you get hurt in an accident. A personal injury attorney will want to review your case’s details before advising you of your rights to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses you may have.

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