Who’s likely to develop compartment syndrome?

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Compartment syndrome occurs when muscle compartments of the leg or arms have increased pressure. This type of situation generally results from an injury such as a fracture of some sort. Bleeding within the muscle can occur, which can cause increased blood pressure. An individual may develop nerve damage due to a decrease in blood supply, depending on the amount of stress that their different body parts may have to endure.

Patients may experience a variety of symptoms if they’re suffering from compartment syndrome, including a decreased range of motion, numbness and severe pain. A fasciotomy may be necessary in acute compartment syndrome cases. Doctors may have to cut into the muscle compartment to decrease pressure and restore blood flow as part of that surgical procedure.

Scientists have discovered that severe complications can result from a patient’s diagnosis with compartment syndrome. They may develop severe complications if their condition goes untreated. It can lead to amputation, infection, kidney failure, muscle loss and nerve damage. Doctors often recommend that their patients elevate and ice their affected extremities to prevent some of these more life-altering issues associated with compartment syndrome. Most patients don’t require treatment or surgery to help address their chronic compartment syndrome, though.

Acute compartment syndrome is a medical emergency, as it can cause the pressure in the muscle compartment to build up. Permanent nerve or muscle damage may result if that pressure isn’t released. Most individuals who suffer from this condition experience its onset after becoming involved in a car accident or after a fall. Some may develop compartment syndrome after strenuous exercise, though.

You’ve likely heard that an accident can change your life in an instant. A car crash is one of the many conditions that can result in your body having to endure extreme stress. While our bodies are resilient, such a condition may leave you with long-term pain or requiring surgical intervention. Both of these can be costly to address and affect your quality of life.

Michigan law might allow you to recover compensation if someone else’s negligence resulted in your getting hurt. A personal injury attorney here in Rochester can provide guidance as to how you should proceed if you want to recover what you’re due in your case.

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