Understanding traumatic brain injuries

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There are a slew of impacts caused by serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Some can affect victims’ daily activities, so it’s imperative that those who experience a TBI have the tools and coping mechanisms to do this in an appropriate manner.

What many people might not realize is that the way these TBIs impact individuals varies based on several factors, including severity of the injury. The location is another factor. Specific areas of the brain control different activities. Greater understanding may be beneficial if you or someone you love suffered a TBI.

  • Brainstem: The brainstem controls the heart rate and breathing. Damage can lead to problems with swallowing and breathing, as well as an altered heart rate.
  • Cerebellum: The cerebellum controls coordination and balance. Damage to this area can lead to slurred speech and trouble walking.
  • Temporal: The temporal lobe is responsible for organization and memory. Both long-term and short-term memory are impacted when this area is damaged.
  • Occipital: The occipital lobe controls the vision, so victims can suffer from blurry vision or blind spots if it suffers damage.
  • Parietal: The parietal lobe controls the sense of pain and touch. It’s also responsible for temperature control. A person who has damage to this area may have trouble reading or suffer from spatial misperception.
  • Frontal: The frontal lobe is the area controlling speech, concentration and problem-solving skills. Damage to this area can cause irritability, problems with communication and trouble focusing.

It’s possible that the victim of a TBI will have damage in more than one area of the brain. Making sure that they’re getting the help they need is critical so they can live as full of a life as possible after the injury.

When the TBI is caused by a vehicle crash, you might need to seek legal assistance to receive the benefits you’re due. Due to recent changes in Michigan’s no-fault insurance personal injury protection limits, your rights might have changed. Consulting someone who’s familiar with these changes and how they impact accident victims is beneficial so you know exactly what options you have.

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