What dangers do motorcyclists face on the road?

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Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that at least 80% of motorcycle crashes result in someone either getting hurt or killed. That same data reveals that motorcyclists often end up being ejected in these types of crashes. Motorbike riders face many other dangers, though.

NHTSA data shows that motorcyclists often suffer head injuries because they fail to wear helmets to protect themselves. They usually get hurt because they aren’t able to avoid objects in the roadway. These objects often strike motorcyclists causing them significant injuries.

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to suffering severe injuries if their crash involves an automobile due to its weight and bulkiness. Car drivers are less likely to get hurt in a car crash because seat belts and air bags protect them. The shell of their vehicle absorbs most of the collision’s impact. Motorcyclists have an advantage in that their bikes are easy to maneuver and fast to stop. These attributes can help motorcyclists avoid crashes.

NHTSA’s research shows that motorcyclists should be more careful at intersections, where most crashes occur. At least one-third of these accidents happen when an automobile operator turns in front of a motorcyclist. Riders can reduce their chances of becoming involved in a crash by employing defensive driving techniques.

The federal agency’s data also shows that the incidence rate of motorcyclists operating their motorbikes while intoxicated is a big problem. At least 43% of all fatal motorcycle crashes are attributable to alcohol consumption.

Many skilled motorcyclists make it seem like it’s easy to operate a motorbike. It isn’t, though. Rochester motorcycle riders mustn’t consume alcohol and know how to use defensive driving techniques if they want to avoid serious crashes. A personal injury attorney can advise you how Michigan law allows you to recover compensation if you or someone else suffered serious injuries in a crash.

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