Prepare for summer driving in Michigan to avoid accident injuries

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Most of us living and working in Rochester are usually glad to welcome summertime weather. Most of the time, warmer weather makes driving much easier. The roads are clear of ice and snow, which should mean safer motoring, but it is still important to practice caution when driving.

In terms of car accident hazards, some roadways are worse than others in the summer. A study published in 2019 revealed that the state of Michigan has several dangerous highways for summer driving. The study does not discuss the number of personal injuries caused by vehicle accidents, but it does detail fatal crashes.

  • US-169 usually results in about 27 fatalities during the summer
  • I-94 typically sees approximately 20 fatalities in the summer season
  • US-10 experiences about 14 fatalities in the warmest part of the year

As residents of the state, we urge all of you to prepare for the dangers of summertime driving before you take to the road. When you understand the hazards associated with warm weather driving, you can increase your odds of suffering a personal injury or death in a car accident.

Some of the summer road hazards that can make driving dangerous include:

  • An increase in teen motorists
  • Wildlife emerging from winter
  • Tire blowouts from overheating
  • More motorcycles and bicycles sharing the roads
  • Increased road construction hazards

If every driver would practice caution on dangerous roads, the state would be much safer. Unfortunately, we all know that not everyone is concerned about safety. This means that we all run the risk of experiencing motor vehicle accidents. Although you might not be able to avoid every dangerous situation, you can act against negligent motorists in the aftermath of a crash. Pursuing a legal solution with guidance from a personal injury lawyer can make sure you get the compensation you need to make a full recovery.

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