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Prepare for summer driving in Michigan to avoid accident injuries

Most of us living and working in Rochester are usually glad to welcome summertime weather. Most of the time, warmer weather makes driving much easier. The roads are clear of ice and snow, which should mean safer motoring, but it is still important to practice caution when driving.

What is a bad faith insurance claim?

Auto collisions happen every day in Michigan. Motorists often file claims with their insurance companies in the hope of recovering money to fix their car, to cover their medical bills and/or for lost wages. The onus to decide who gets paid falls on the insurance company's shoulders. Judges often side with insurers when they're tasked with deciding how much a claimant should receive following an accident.

Delayed death due to injuries and wrongful death cases

Fatal crashes don't always claim a life right at the scene of the collision. While it is certainly true that many people can die instantly after a major motor vehicle wreck, some people suffer from catastrophic injuries that eventually claim their lives but cause them substantial expense and suffering before they die.

What hope do cervical spine injury patients have for recovery?

Your seven vertebrae at the top of your spinal cord in your neck area comprise the cervical spine. Individuals who hurt one of these vertebrae are at a significantly higher risk for spinal cord injuries such as quadriplegia. This may affect a patient's ability to move their limbs or feel anything before their neck or shoulder area. This has to do in large part with the proximity of a patient's injury to their brain.

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