Identifying a hidden head injury after a car accident

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Here in Michigan, serious car accidents are very common, and often more difficult to resolve than accidents in other states. Among other reasons, this is because our state laws do not place limits on the amount of money a court may award a victim in a no-fault collision. To put it simply, insurers operating in Michigan tend to fight hard against paying out compensation.

After you experience any car accident, it is wise to make sure that you receive a complete medical examination, including examining your head for injuries. Head injuries can cause intense complications for a victim, but these symptoms may not show themselves for several days or even weeks after the injury occurs. Without clear medical documentation indicating a head injury after your accident, you may have a much more difficult time seeking fair compensation for your suffering and losses.

How can a mild head injury alter a victim’s life?

A mild traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can occur after any significant blow to the head. In a car accident, a victim may easily receive a blow to the head and not remember it happening. If the injury does not leave any bruising or bleeding and does not cause pain for several days, the victim may not realize that these symptoms relate to the accident at all.

Mild TBIs affect each victim differently, depending on the severity of the injury and the area of the brain it impacts. However, some common symptoms regularly cause problems that victims can anticipate.

Often, mild TBI victims experience difficulty performing simple tasks at their job or in their day-to-day lives, even if they performed the task easily before the injury. In simple terms, a mild TBI scrambles the victim’s brain lightly, severing connections that make it easy or possible to complete familiar tasks or understand information the victim already knows. This sudden loss of ability can frighten or anger the victim, which may make the situation worse.

Victims of TBIs may also find that they respond irrationally to frustrating circumstances like the one above. In some cases, this may appear dangerous and concerning to coworkers and other members of the victim’s community, and the victim may feel great confusion and shame over their own actions.

Mild TBIs also commonly scramble connections between a victim’s vocabulary of words they understand and their ability to interpret the context of things they read or hear. Simply put, mild TBI victims often misunderstand what they read or what others say to them, which may lead to enormous confusion and frustration for all parties.

These are only some of the ways that a mild TBI may impact victim’s life, making it very important for all car accident victims to receive proper medical to identify a head injury as soon as possible.

Protecting your future

If you suffered a head injury in a car accident, it is important to receive the medical care and ongoing treatment that you need to recover. Even though these injuries are not visible, they are real and they are dangerous, both for the victim and possibly for those around them. You can keep your rights an opportunities protected with a strong legal strategy, helping you build a personal injury claim if necessary. With strong legal tools and guidance as needed, you can focus on your physical recovery while pursuing fair compensation for your suffering and losses.

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