Filing no fault insurance claims does not guarantee full benefits

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In Michigan, victims of serious or catastrophic vehicle accidents feel confident that no-fault insurance claims will cover their medical expenses. Most people don’t give the matter much thought. Instead, they assume that insurance carriers always operate in good faith.

Unfortunately, this is not typically the case. In truth, most no-fault insurance carriers will do everything they can to delay or avoid paying accident claims. Our team of injury attorneys has seen this happen on many occasions.

To help you receive the full amount of benefits you deserve from your no-fault insurance provider, we urge you to watch out for the following practices by insurance companies:

  • Misrepresenting policy language to keep you from filing a claim
  • Using delay tactics that encourage you to abandon your claim or accept a low settlement
  • Disputing some of your injury-related medical treatments or bills
  • Denying outright that you have a valid claim
  • Using contract or legal language that deliberately confuses injured parties
  • Asking you to provide a recorded statement about your injuries or the accident
  • Making thinly veiled yet threatening statements to discourage you from pursuing your full benefits

These are just a few of the ways most insurance providers work to avoid paying an accident claim. When you suffer only minor property damage in a crash, it may not be a big problem. However, when you are dealing with severe injuries in the wake of an accident, you need all the compensation to which you’re entitled.

Our team encourages you to reach out for legal assistance if you wish to maximize your compensation and other benefits. Lawyers are accustomed to dealing with no-fault insurance providers and can make sure you do not fall victim to bad faith practices. To learn more, continue reviewing our injury pages.

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