Man arrested for leaving the scene of an accident in 2014

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It’s taken years, but the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in a 2014 hit-and-run case.

The 53-year-old man from Lapeer is believed to have been the driver of a gray SUV that struck two teenage bicyclists in a serious accident that happened in Oakland Township.

According to law enforcement, the man fled the accident scene without rendering aid to the injured cyclists. While there were several witnesses to the accident, the investigation took nearly six years to result in an arrest.

There was evidence at the accident scene. Investigators were able to recover parts of the SUV, which helped to track down the alleged hit-and-run driver. This included a fog lamp.

The man is currently in custody at the Oakland County Jail. His cash bond was set at $75,000 on the charge of leaving the scene of a serious injury accident. The charge is a felony.

The teenager who had the most serious injuries is now 23 years old and has fully recovered, according to police.

No information was given as to the condition of the other bicyclist.

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident that was not your fault, you do have options available when it comes to recovering compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and more. A personal injury lawsuit can provide a means for holding the responsible party liable for the injuries and other damages you suffered.

An experienced attorney can help you understand the legal process associated with filing such a lawsuit and provide you with more information on your legal options.

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