How children can be affected by car accidents

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Children are still developing physically and emotionally, so when they become involved in a car accident, they are much more vulnerable than adults. This is why young children must be seated in appropriately fitted car seats. If your child has recently been involved in a car accident, they are likely suffering physical injuries and emotional injuries as a result.

As a parent, you will be committed to getting justice for your child, therefore it’s likely that you will want to take legal action against the party you believe was responsible. To do this successfully, start by gaining a good understanding of the ways in which your child can be injured, both physically and emotionally.

Head injuries

Head injuries are the most common type of car accident injury in children. Young children, in particular, are more vulnerable to suffering from brain damage as a result of being in a car accident. This could lead to permanent learning difficulties, memory loss or even death.

Thoracic injuries

It’s common for infants under the age of 12 months to suffer impacts to their ribs and lungs. These are often caused by the car seat restraints. This can cause rib fractures or lung injuries.


Whiplash is a common injury in even the most minor car accidents for both children and adults. This can lead to considerable pain after the accident, and this neck pain can last for a long time after the accident.

Psychological injuries

Car accidents are often very traumatic experiences. If a child is involved in or witnesses a car accident, they can suffer from significant psychological injuries, even if they are not physically injured. You must try to speak to your child about the incident, no matter what age they are. If their behavior changes in any way, you should consider taking them to visit a doctor or therapist. If you notice that your child is displaying signs of depression or anxiety after the accident, you should take this very seriously.

Helping your child recover after an accident can be difficult. You may feel a huge amount of anger toward the responsible person because you feel that life will never be the same. Make sure that you take action to assert your legal rights.

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