Crush injuries are often catastrophic and can cause death

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Crush injuries can occur in many situations. For example, motor vehicle accidents cause crush injuries if the victim becomes trapped under the car or a heavy piece of the car. If the victim cannot be extricated, the excessive weight continues to press upon the affected part of the body. Without fast and correct medical treatment, a relatively minor broken leg may escalate into a more serious catastrophic injury or death.

In our Rochester, Michigan, legal practice, we have seen the devastation crush injuries can cause firsthand. We want to make sure all residents of the state understand just how dangerous crush injuries are. In addition to the initial crushing of the victim, which may result in severe fractures and other catastrophic injuries, complications from the damage may result in wrongful death.

For example, the emergency medical technician (EMT) that arrives to administer treatment should be trained in how to manage crush injuries. If the EMT or even a hospital emergency room fails to treat the victim properly, death may occur. This usually happens because the injury facilitates the release of toxic chemicals into the victim’s body. These victims may have grounds to file a catastrophic injury or wrongful death claim for several reasons. Two of these reasons include:

  • When negligence on another person’s part caused the injury or the death
  • When medical personnel fail to provide the victim with proper crush injury treatment

The consequences associated with catastrophic injuries and wrongful death extend beyond the victim to all his or her loved ones. The financial side of such injuries alone makes it vitally important to consider pursuing compensation. Such compensation can help victims with devastating injuries recover as much as possible. Financial compensation in the wake of wrongful death can help bereaved family members move forward.

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