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Beware of social media during your personal injury claim

Maintaining a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a fun way to spend your time. However, if you are seeking financial compensation through a personal injury claim in Michigan, your social media use could hurt your case.

How children can be affected by car accidents

Children are still developing physically and emotionally, so when they become involved in a car accident, they are much more vulnerable than adults. This is why young children must be seated in appropriately fitted car seats. If your child has recently been involved in a car accident, they are likely suffering physical injuries and emotional injuries as a result.

Crush injuries are often catastrophic and can cause death

Crush injuries can occur in many situations. For example, motor vehicle accidents cause crush injuries if the victim becomes trapped under the car or a heavy piece of the car. If the victim cannot be extricated, the excessive weight continues to press upon the affected part of the body. Without fast and correct medical treatment, a relatively minor broken leg may escalate into a more serious catastrophic injury or death.

Beware: Speed does kill!

Lawmakers raised the speed limit along many of Michigan's rural highways in 2017. Motorists who were once only able to lawfully travel 70 miles per hour (mph) along these roadways can now drive up to 75 mph. Injury crashes have soared since the speed limit has been increased along certain portions of U.S. Highways 127, 31, 10 and 127 and Interstates 75 and 69.

Why no-fault insurance is ideal for those with brain injuries

The motor vehicle liability requirements in Michigan are the source of much public debate and frustration, particularly among those for whom it represents a substantial monthly burden. Lawmakers recently adjusted no-fault insurance requirements to allow individuals to opt out of the unlimited medical coverage available to those who bring claims against the state insurance program.

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