Oakland County is one of the most dangerous in Michigan

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One of the greatest dangers that people face, all over Michigan, comes from car accidents. As common as driving is, it’s one of the riskiest activities you can ever engage in, taking tens of thousands of American lives every year.

Of course, the risks you face may have something to do with precisely where you drive, as some areas are safer than others. If you’re from Rochester, what you want to know is how safe Oakland County really is. Unfortunately, the statistics show that it’s one of the most dangerous counties in the state, at least as far as car accidents are concerned.

The most recent data from the state government is for 2018. That year, 53 people died in car accidents in Oakland County. There were 40,814 total accidents, and 7,558 people got injured in these crashes.

Counties with similar fatality statistics included Macomb County, where 52 people lost their lives, and Genesee County, where 39 people died in car accidents. You can also find fairly high fatality statistics in Kent County, where 61 people died.

As dangerous as Oakland County is, it was not the worst for Michigan drivers — something people need to keep in mind when traveling across the state. The most fatalities happened in Wayne County, where 153 people lost their lives. That’s nearly one person every other day, on average.

Have you suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident or have you lost a loved one? The danger is real. If this happens to you, make sure you know what legal options you have.

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