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Medical conditions that can make driving dangerous

We all know that as people get into their senior years, their cognition, physical mobility and reflexes can suffer -- impacting their ability to drive safely. However, certain medical conditions can seriously affect a person's driving ability as well. Some of these are associated with aging. Others can occur at any age.

Seeking justice after an assault in civil court

If you're the victim of a crime like assault, you probably want the perpetrator to face criminal charges. If they plead guilty or are found guilty, a judge may order them to pay restitution and compensate you for costs like medical expenses, lost income and more.

Oakland County is one of the most dangerous in Michigan

One of the greatest dangers that people face, all over Michigan, comes from car accidents. As common as driving is, it's one of the riskiest activities you can ever engage in, taking tens of thousands of American lives every year.

Can you claim medical expenses in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Motor vehicles can make modern life a lot easier by facilitating speedy, independent travel. People no longer have to live in direct proximity to where they work, which is particularly beneficial in places like Detroit, where the best jobs may be located in downtown areas far from housing opportunities, as well as in the Upper Pennisula with its large areas of undeveloped land.

When can you sue a dog owner for a bite?

Dog bites can range from a small but painful nip on the ankle by a Chihuahua protecting its home or person to a devastating attack by a large, strong dog. Recently, here in Michigan, a pit bull at the Oakland County Animal Shelter that had been removed from its home and placed in quarantine after reportedly biting people, attacked an employee so aggressively that she ended up in the hospital with muscle damage requiring surgery.

Tips for staying safe on Michigan roads during the winter

If you've lived in Michigan your entire life, you're probably used to driving in snowy, icy conditions. However, that doesn't mean you should get too confident. When our roads are filled with ice and snow, it's essential to take extra care. That's true whether you've faced Michigan winters for decades or you've just moved from an area where you never encountered snow.

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