Why are teenagers frequently at fault in an accident?

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It’s important not to stereotype people based on their age, gender or any other characteristic, especially when trying to form conclusions after an event or accident. When a teenage driver is involved in a car accident, it is often assumed by others involved that it must have been the young person’s fault. Making this assumption should never be done because the true fault behind any car accident will depend on several factors, and evaluations of each of the drivers’ actions leading up to the event will need to be evaluated.

However, statistics relating to car accidents do suggest that teen drivers are more likely to become involved in a car accident, suggesting that much of the time, teens cause accidents due to their behavior behind the wheel. The following are some of the reasons why teens are frequently at fault in a car accident.

Young drivers have less experience behind the wheel

A lack of experience can mean that teenage drivers do not always know the best way to react in an unexpected situation on the road. This could mean that they make a dangerous move in panic, or that they spend so much time on the basic elements of driving that they do not adequately plan ahead and watch out for potential hazards.

Teenagers are more prone to engage in risky behavior

Everyone knows that drunk driving is not only illegal but that it is very dangerous, too. While drivers of all ages engage in drunk driving, teenagers have a higher propensity to take these risks, and can often be affected by peer pressure.

Young people have a higher dependency on smartphones

When driving, your smartphone should be out of sight and out of mind. This is because all of your focus should be on the act of driving competently and safely. However, those who are dependent on smartphones have a higher likelihood of using their devices while driving. Young people, in particular, have a higher tendency to engage in social media apps when driving, which highly increases the risk of a crash.

If you have been involved in a car accident in which the other driver was a teenager, it is important to ensure that fault is correctly attributed.

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